Listening to Nature for Sustainable Answers

Light Cross Holdings Corporation is a scientific research and experimental development company located in Victoria, British Columbia.

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Scientific Research

University Our scientific method investigates theories that explain the natural world. We consider available and unknown information that over time reveal subjects worthy of experimentation.

Experimental Development

Our process extrapolates on knowledge gathered from practical experience and research. We develop new solutions to everyday problems and improve the ones that already exist.

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The Belluaire Component

The Belluaire Component is an electro-mechanical device that incorporates the concept of an infrasonic reactor to generate electricity.

The infrasonic reactor is a mechanism that converts resonating energy into a mechanical movement when exposed to the field of influence of a vibrating source.

The source which is electronically controlled operates by creating forced vibrations "near the edge of hearing," in frequency ranges around 20 Hz or cycles per second.

The infrasound waves emitted by the source have the capacity to drive many reactors at a time. The higher the number of reactors configured, the higher the level of power generation and sustainability it will achieve.

The Belluaire Component Design

The Decadeau Cell

The Decadeau Cell is an electro-mechanical device that incorporates the concept of a weight pump to generate electricity.

The weight pump is a mechanism that operates by using the weight of its components as a source of power. It is similar to a gear pump with the exception that it uses pressure from weight instead of pressure from traditional fluids such as water.

The mechanism extracts the pressure required to work from a large platform mounted on a vertical shaft. The platform descends the vertical shaft pulled by gravity, producing a circular motion until it stops at the end of the shaft.

On its way down, the platform reaches high speed and the momentary energy is used to generate electricity. Part of the electricity generated is used to power a controlled motor that resets the platform back to the beginning of the shaft for another cycle, while the other part accumulates for external use.




Our concepts are powerful emerging technologies to generate electricity on a massive scale.


Our concepts are dynamically harmonious and cause no negative impact or long-term damage to the environment.


Our concepts use power sources which are naturally recurring processes on a human time scale.


Our concepts are highly efficient means of converting energy and require no external support over time.

Sustainability Fund

Investment in our fund directly increases our success and continued the growth of our activities. We rely on the contribution from individuals and foundations to support the operation of our dynamic organization.